///Coronavirus – update

Good morning,

First of all, we hope you get well through this general health crisis.

RFN will remain at your disposal during this period to guide you further. You can continue
to contact us on our known telephone numbers and email addresses.

A summary of the numerous information’s:


It is possible to defer payments of direct taxes after acceptance of the motivated  request
to the tax authorities. However, there is no deferral for VAT, the balance of the
declarations remains payable on the due date.


It is possible to defer payment of social security contributions in the case of employment
of employees as well as for those of the self-employed.

The temporary unemployment is managed via https://activitepartielle.emploi.gouv.fr/aparts/
and this according to the following steps: 1/create an account,
2/ submit a request (motivation, duration, number of employees, …), 3/
after validation, indicate monthly the hours not worked per employee. The employer pays,
via the pay slip, 70% of the gross salary to the employee, amount (as good as) not
subjected to social security contributions, and gets this back later from the government via
the monthly declaration (see step 3/). There is a period of 30 days to submit your
application under 2/. The Authorities reimburses the employer 100% within the limit of
6.927,27 € (4,5 * SMIC) per month per employee.


There are possibilities to postpone the repayment of bank credits as well as additional
credit lines for the needs created by this epidemic.

The Corona virus is recognised as a case of force majeure for public procurements. As a
result, penalties will not be applied.

A solidarity fund was announced last Monday to support the companies.

We will get back to you as soon as more detailed information is available.