Doing just that little bit extra for the client; that is our aspiration at RFN. Each day our employees make every effort to help our clients from the Netherlands and Belgium realise their ambitions in France. Here you read about what motivates us and what we offer to new colleagues.

"Every day at RFN is different. Clients are always asking new questions and expect you to quickly come up with the solution. These dynamics make for an inspiring work environment. "
Marliese CLAERHOUDT, Advisor

Company culture

Numbers fascinate us. We take pleasure in solving complex questions connected to cross-border transactions. We appreciate variation in our work and always want to stay on top of the newest developments in our area of expertise.

Our clients face new challenges every day; flexibility and creativity are therefore essential qualities of our employees.  At RFN, we encourage an active approach towards our clients. We are only satisfied when we have come up with the best possible solution.



At RFN, we welcome self-reliance. Whenever possible, we encourage our employees to work on their cases independently. But nobody is left out in the cold. You can always count on the assistance of experienced colleagues for advice or a final check.

We understand that you value a pleasant working environment. RFN is a horizontal organization; we keep the distance between managers and employees to a minimum. The atmosphere is formal when required, yet informal whenever possible. Colleagues cooperate in interdisciplinary teams to create synergy and avert detachment and isolation.



Of course, besides working together professionally we appreciate each other’s company and like to have a good time together. We’ve tested our cooking skills during several workshops and have battled with each other on the carting and ATB track. Recurring highlight is our annual RFN party.

Professional development



Working at RFN means striving for the best. Our clients rely on you to deliver practical and intelligible solutions each and every time. You set high standards for yourself and always think one step further.  So we ask a lot from you, but you also get much in return.

We attach great value to the professional development of our employees. Together with your colleagues, you are encouraged to continually expand your skills and knowledge. With increasing experience and expertise comes more responsibility; you get to work on more complicated cases and help out more demanding clients. In this way, you advance your professional and personal skills naturally.



Experienced employees are given the opportunity to coach and support their (junior) colleagues. Also, they often gain a good reputation and become the trusted advisor of their long-standing clients.

Of course, RNF offers a competitive salary plus benefits.