About us

About RFN

Our specialists guarantee a pro-active approach to all your business plans in France. Our team has grown to more than 100 employees in this manner. Find out how our mission and history ensure that we are the best possible advisers for private individuals and companies conducting business in France. Our 35 years of experience speaks for itself.

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In a nutshell

  • Active since 1984
  • 100+ employees
  • Broad network throughout France
  • Locally anchored
  • Advice and guidance in your language

Our mission

We have one mission at RFN: Allowing companies to conduct business in France without any worries and assist private individuals in their French asset-based activities. That sounds quite straightforward, but it is not that easy. In addition to differences in legislation, cultural and language differences also play an important role.

We will help you with definitive insights and practical solutions at RFN. We make the often-complex French and international regulations understandable and assist you in your own mother-tongue language. A sustainable long-term relationship with everyone who knocks on our door is essential in this regard.

This specialism is our greatest strength at RFN. We are familiar with different cultures and are aware of French legislation like no one-else. We know the pitfalls of cross-border transactions and how to sidestep them.

Our history

RFN has been the reference for companies that are active in France for many years. This is due to our long history in the sector. What started modestly in 1984 has now grown into a leading player with a wide range of services. [LINK] With our three brands, we support both companies and individuals in the field of accountancy, taxation and social legislation.

The base of RFN is in the French border municipality of Boeschepe. There used to be a customs office there. Truck drivers crossing the border could arrange their VAT formalities there.

European integration resulted in an explosive growth of international freight traffic. At RFN, we responded to this by assisting companies that wanted to develop activities in France with cross-border VAT advice.

The introduction of the single market in 1992 gave a further impulse to our expansion. Our RFN team increasingly focused on navigating the increased complexity of European VAT legislation. This is still one of our fundamental services, in addition to accounting, tax, payroll, business consultancy and real estate advice.

Marnix Cornette has been at the helm as RFN’s business manager since the 1990s. As a chartered accountant, he is the driving force who ensures that our highly trained tax experts will guide you perfectly through the complexities of international legislation.

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