Practical information

Conducting business in France can prove to be quite a challenge as a Belgian or Dutch company. The links below will get you started with some practical tips for administrative topics. Would you like customized advice for your company? Then discover the insights of our experts or contact our specialists immediately

Europese Commissie - Validation VAT-number
Site for VAT-validation. Discover here if a VAT-number is valid.

The official site of the French chamber of commerce. Among other things, this site is useful for looking up corporate information.
Privately run site with a vast amount of information concerning French companies.

SEED databank
Site for European excise tax numbers validation.

VAT forum
Privately run site containing detailed information on tax legislation in France.

This French government website contains all French legislation. The site is primarily in French, but large parts can also be consulted in English and German.

The official site of the French tax department. In French only.

Site of the French Order of Accountants. In French only.