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Retirement is approaching

Is your retirement fast approaching? Or do you still have some time and want to get a clear picture of the necessary steps, your future pension benefits, and their tax implications? Do you currently live and work in Belgium but have worked in France in the past? Or vice versa, do you now work in France but used to have one or more jobs in Belgium?

Our experts follow the ever-changing pension legislation and are familiar with the different pension systems and authorities. They can guide you through the administrative and financial preparation for this new phase of life.

guidance with

Analysis of your personal situation

Guidance and follow-up of your pension application(s) and group insurances

Follow-up of your supplementary pension as a self-employed person

Contact with competent pension bodies

Overview of changes in tax and social legislation on pensions

RBG 69-146-231

I worked in France for much of my career but have lived and worked in Belgium in recent years. For my retirement, I planned to move back to France. I turned to RFN, where an expert in the field helped me confidentially and clearly with my pension applications and also drew my attention to the tax and social law implications of my move to France.


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