Private Finance

Guidance on the different types of business financing available.

  • Working capital solutions  (Dailly, factoring, stock financing, ...)
  • Credit Loans and lease financing
  • Property financing and leasing
  • Financing of acquisitions
  • Club deals
  • Investors
Financial services France

Truly independent advice

Our experts only pursue a single goal: to ensure you get the best business partner, the best type of business financing for you, and the best terms and conditions. We are by your side right throughout the process, from the preparation and drafting of your business plan through to negotiations, taking in review of contracts. We do this in complete independance.

The fastest results

Thanks to our independent guidance you’ll be able to implement your plans more quickly, at different levels. We help you to build your business dossier and profit and loss forecast correctly, in compliance with the norms and expectations of French financial institutions. Hence you waste no precious time because we send your file in the direction of a positive credit outcome, and you can bank on the most favourable financing rates.

Your cultural link

Entrepreneurship happens differently in each country. The same goes for corporate financing. We translate your foreign balance sheet into a profitability assessment for French financial institutions. The state of your business service in an other country may well need additional clarification with a French bank.That’s why we build a watertight and intelligible dossier which is in keeping with the most up-to-date types of financing available in France. Moreover we help guide you through the major cultural differences, ensure complete transparency and a higher success rate of your financing request. 

RFN Financial services

National reach, local support

Our RFN team is active throughout France. We hone our experts from our headquarters in Lille. We are engaged in every French region, which enables you to to rely at all times on the best possible regional network- wherever you’re in business. Our experts can also be on hand for you, meeting you in local branches of your bank, and meeting with local financiers to look out for your interests.

Looking forward to success

Thanks to our experience, we know where the obstacles to overcome are to be found when it comes down to the financing you need. We anticipate the specialised processes involved in business financing in France, and we immediately engage in good approaches beside your new partners. You are already well down the road with your financing processes, and want to hear an independent voice to help you find your feet and  negotiate your safe passage through the complex maze. Here also, we would be happy to help you to grow your chances of financing success.

Additional services and advice

At RFN, we are ready to guide you through the entirety of your process as an entrepreneur in France. For example, our specialists help you with your business accountinglegal advice, and payroll administration.

Talk to our finance experts?

We are all ears when it comes to listening to your projects.