Working at RFN

A job at RFN means dealing with clients who face interesting and complex challenges. Our team ensures that companies and individuals can work in France, or with employees who are based there, without any worries. Would you like to take up a challenging position with opportunities for personal development and growth? Then apply for one of our open vacancies.

Corporate culture

The challenges that our clients face give us energy. Complex business puzzles mean that we have to monitor everything closely with regards to all developments in our area of expertise. The organizations that we work for rely on our creativity and flexibility to come up with the ideal solution for every business case.

Everyone in our team knows what it means to take initiative and take on case files. That is essential in our corporate culture. However, our experts are never left to their own devices. An experienced colleague is always onhand, ready to give advice and to revise documents.

RFN collega's


We pride ourselves in our horizontal organisation. There is little distance between case-file specialists and team leaders. Where necessary, we deal formally with clients, as well as informally where possible. The division into inter-disciplinary teams promotes collaboration and ensures that we form one big team at RFN, where everyone knows one another.

The requisite dose of fun isn't missing either. Team building events are a regular feature and our RFN party is also an annual highlight


Working smarter together

Anyone who would like to enhance the structure of our organization and grow together with us is also in the right place with our team. Process optimisation, new IT applications and internal work structures: we are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve the way we work. This allows us to focus one hundred per cent on what we do best: assisting people with our specialized knowledge. Ready to think alongside us? Welcome aboard!

Varied casefiles for additional experience

Working at RFN means constantly looking for solutions for a whole range of diverse business challenges. Our clients operate in many different sectors, affronting our RFN specialists with varied business cases. Our experts therefore have to constantly think a few steps ahead and monitor everything closely. Our entire team quickly gains invaluable experience in this manner. Demanding? Often. Fascinating and worth our while? Always.

Training and development

We set the bar high, but we also offer our team the right tools for personal growth. Everyone who works for us is given the opportunity to continuously work on the further broadening and deepening of his or her field of expertise. Everyone in our company thus grows with additional experience, knowledge and specialization. This creates responsibility for increasingly complex case files, bigger clients and even more interesting challenges.

New employees can count on experienced employees who coach and offer support. And, if someone would like to follow a specific study course, or improve their language skills? Then we offer every opportunity in this regard.

Our vacancies